Shipping Containers: Should You Rent or Buy?

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Whether you’re moving or need some extra storage space, shipping containers make a great choice. However, should you rent or buy your containers? A lot of factors can go into that decision. Whether you end up renting or buying, your container can make your moving and storage process a lot simpler. Here are some factors […]

The Benefits of Buying a Shipping Container

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Shipping containers can help make your life simpler. Whether you’re moving or just need extra storage, shipping containers provide a simple and straightforward solution. For some, renting a shipping container is the best solution. However, others have more long-term needs, and for those people, buying a shipping container is the best choice. Thinking about finding […]

How to Save Money on Moving Costs

save money on moving costs

Need to save money on moving costs? We get it. Moving can be expensive. You just want to get from one place to another without worrying about your wallet. Thankfully, there are a lot of things you can do to save money during your move. Here are some of your best options.  Pick the Right […]

Boxes of Love Project

Boxes of Love box filled with necessities for foster kids

The holidays can be a hard time of year, and it’s heartbreaking to think of even one child hurting this Christmas. This year we are giving back by putting together Boxes of Love for precious babies and children entering foster care. We are partnering up with two incredible non-profit organizations, Whatcom Foster Closet and Boxes […]

5 Tips for Simplifying Your Move

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No matter how you look at it, moving is complicated. Getting yourself, your family, and all of your belongings from one place to another is a difficult task. Thankfully, you can do several things to simplify the moving process. From finding a good shipping container to getting started early, this list of tips should help […]

Here’s How Shipping Containers Can Make Your Life Easier

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Whether you’re moving soon or need some extra storage space, shipping containers can help you simplify your life. Storing and shipping your things is enough of a hassle as it is. If you keep an eye out for a shipping container for sale, you can reduce a lot of that hassle and make the process […]

4 Quick Tips for Finding the Right Shipping Containers

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Looking for shipping containers? Sometimes just getting started may seem a little overwhelming. Although purchasing agents or contractors may purchase more than one container per year, for most people buying a container is a fairly rare purchase for most people. That’s why we’ve put together these four quick tips to help you get started with buying […]

Bellingham Fun: Meet Our Ski to Sea Team 2019

organizations we love Simple Box volunteers at the Ski to Sea event in Bellingham, WA

We are so proud of our Plain and Simple Box team. Last year, many of these young athletes were high school seniors, and we were so excited to catch up with them and learn what they’ve been up to the past year.