Container Delivery to the San Juan Islands

Barge delivery of a shipping container to the San Juan islands.

Container Delivery to the San Juan Islands Do you live on the San Juan Islands or are you moving there? If so, you may have wondered the best way to transport your belongings to your new home. Every year at Get Simple Box, we move 75+ boxes to the San Juan Islands via ferry. On […]

Shipping Container vs. Moving Truck. What is the Better Option for Your Move?

Truck delivers a shipping container to a house.

Container vs Moving Truck Comparison It’s time to prepare for your upcoming move! You likely are finding yourself looking at the best options to transport your belongings. To simplify the decision making process for you, we have compiled a list of items to consider when comparing a shipping container to a moving truck: The cost […]

What to Expect if You Use a Crane for Delivery?

Crane lifting a red shipping container.

What to Expect if You Use a Crane for Delivery? Moving your shipping container with a crane may be a good option for you if your delivery requires a bit more flexibility or there isn’t quite enough room for our regular delivery truck. For example, you may choose to have your container placed on a […]

How to Prepare for Container Delivery

Local Seattle Area worker in the port

How to Prepare for Delivery The long awaited day is finally here! You are getting the secure storage you want and the organization you need. No more tripping over things that are just in the way and a space that doesn’t work for you.  As you plan for your container delivery, what things do you […]

Four Things to Consider for a Container Delivery Site

Customer with Box

Four Things to Considerfor a Container Delivery Site A question we get asked often is “Can your truck deliver a shipping container to my property?” Our answer is “We probably can!” Here are several things to keep in mind for a straight-forward container delivery: 1. Getting On/Off the Road Is the driveway wide enough for […]