Take a Look at Roof and Underside of a Shipping Container

THE TOP AND BOTTOM OF A SIMPLE BOX Have you ever wondered what the Roof or Underside of a Shipping Container look like? These two parts of a container may be rarely seen, but they are still important and like the rest of a container, they are highly engineered to provide value.  A few things […]

Why Are Shipping Containers Popular for Storage?

Shipping containers are becoming popular for storage. At Get Simple Box, buy or rent a shipping container today to maximize your storage.

Shipping containers are beneficial for more than shipping goods. They are the perfect container for storage. People need storage for a variety of reasons. Storage can be necessary during moves, when downsizing a home, or if a house simply is too full and needs more space. Luckily, Get Simple Box provides homeowners with a simple […]

Getting the Most from Shipping Containers for Sale

Get Simple Box has shipping containers for sale, for rent, and for moving. Get the most of of these spacious, affordable containers!

Shipping containers are the perfect solution when you need to have a large space to store items. At Get Simple Box, we have shipping containers for sale as well as ones you can rent or use for a short time. Whether you need a container for your business, your next move, or simply a home […]

How to Buy a Shipping Container: Your Step by Step Guide

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Are you ready to buy shipping container products? Shipping containers provide the most simple and durable storage options for all kinds of projects. Some businesses use shipping containers as portable offices. Contractors sometimes use them for on-the-job trailers. Of course, homeowners also buy containers to store their belongings when their homes don’t provide enough space […]

4 Projects You Can Make With Your Shipping Container

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A shipping container isn’t just a shipping container. If you don’t need your container for storage anymore, you can use it for a lot of other purposes. These containers are versatile, durable, and eco-friendly. Plus, they’re so simple that you can take them in a lot of creative directions. You’re only limited by your imagination. […]

Shipping Containers: Should You Rent or Buy?

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Whether you’re moving or need some extra storage space, shipping containers make a great choice. However, should you rent or buy your containers? A lot of factors can go into that decision. Whether you end up renting or buying, your container can make your moving and storage process a lot simpler. Here are some factors […]

The Benefits of Buying a Shipping Container

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Shipping containers can help make your life simpler. Whether you’re moving or just need extra storage, shipping containers provide a simple and straightforward solution. For some, renting a shipping container is the best solution. However, others have more long-term needs, and for those people, buying a shipping container is the best choice. Thinking about finding […]

Here’s How Shipping Containers Can Make Your Life Easier

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Whether you’re moving soon or need some extra storage space, shipping containers can help you simplify your life. Storing and shipping your things is enough of a hassle as it is. If you keep an eye out for a shipping container for sale, you can reduce a lot of that hassle and make the process […]

4 Quick Tips for Finding the Right Shipping Containers

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Looking for shipping containers? Sometimes just getting started may seem a little overwhelming. Although purchasing agents or contractors may purchase more than one container per year, for most people buying a container is a fairly rare purchase for most people. That’s why we’ve put together these four quick tips to help you get started with buying […]