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Moving Containers for Rent

Move from Point A to Point B without the hassle. We understand how stressful moving can be. Make your next move simple with a portable storage container from Simple Box.

With Simple Box you WON’T need to…

Rent a Storage Truck

No truck rental and return here. We deliver the Simple Box moving container rental for you and pick it up at your request to move to your new home. You’ve got enough to worry about… we’ll take care of the delivery for you!

Storage for Business
Home Storage

Move In and Out of Storage Units

Since our portable moving containers can stay at your current location as long as you need it, you save the time and frustration of multiple trips to and from a mini-storage warehouse.

Use a Steep Ramp

Since our Moving Storage Containers sit at ground level, you can walk your heavy boxes and belongings right in and out of the unit, without trying to balance on a steep ramp several feet in the air.

simple box storage
Simple Storage moving

Take Multiple Trips Back and Forth

Since you can fit tons of stuff into a Simple Box moving container (typically everything from a 2-3 bedroom house), we save you multiple trips between your old house and your new house, with no need to travel to a mini storage warehouse.

Be in a Time Crunch

With mobile storage from Simple Box, you don’t need to rush to return anything within 24 hours. You can keep your Simple Box moving container as long as you need to make your moving experience as simple and stress free as possible.

simple box storage

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How it Works

Are you a contractor?

Are you a contractor? Did you know we can move your loaded Conex or Insta Job Shack from job site to job site as well? We make Job Site storage simple. Contact Simple Box Storage Containers now for Details


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