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Buy, Modify, or Rent Conex Boxes

Conex Box rentals for Contractors: Building Project. Secure and Simple. We know that when you’re working on a project, time and money are important.

Contractors use Simple Box for:

Equipment Storage

Keep your equipment secure and your job site organized with a heavy-duty, wind and water resistant Simple Box storage container (often called a Conex Box or Connex).

simple box storage
simple box storage

Crew Usage

Waiting for a storm to pass or just need a place for your crew to take a break? Use one of our Conex boxes to get out of the elements or rest before getting back to work.

Temporary Office

Want to keep your office on the job site? Set your Conex rental from Simple Box as a job shack with shelving, plan table, and tool storage area to keep your job running as efficient as possible.

simple box storage
simple box storage


Let everyone know who is building the project by branding your on-site Simple Box with your own custom logo and information. Please contact us for more information about how to brand your Simple Box.

Container Dimensions and Sizes

Because Simple Box shipping containers are made of steel, your Box often continues to rise in value, unlike a wood storage shed or pole building.  The following diagram shows the standard container dimensions and sizes:

Dimensions Width Height Length Lbs
6’ Standard 6’6” 6’3” 6’ 1450
8’ Standard 7’2” 7’2” 8′ 2100
10’ Standard 8′ 8’6″ 10′ 2900
20’ Standard 8′ 8’6″ 20′ 4800
20’ High Cube OR Double Door 8′ 8’6″ – 9’6″ 20′ 4800
40’ Standard 8′ 8’6″ 40′ 9000
40’ High Cube OR Double Door 8′ 8’6″- 9’6″ 40′ 9000
(*values fluctuate somewhat with the commodity price of steel) BOXES ARE MADE ACCORDING TO ISO STANDARDS BUT SOME BOXES DO VARY IN SIZE.

Get Shipping Container Pricing

We’ve delivered our Portable Storage Containers to thousands of job sites throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our customers love us because we help keep their stuff safe and their job sites efficient.

Are you ready to get prices and reserve your Conex Box? Click here to for a pricing request.


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